Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To Eliminate Acne Naturally Based on Personal Experience

How To Eliminate Acne naturally has become very important because it has no side effects at all . Get rid of acne naturally is an option as the use of the drug is bound to have side effects that can be felt directly or indirectly . Even the effects of drugs in eliminating acne can be very harmful to your face .

How to get rid of acne naturally is very easy and can even eliminate acne quickly . Stern warning you do not ever use drugs in treating your acne . Drug use will only be bad for the skin later .

How to Eliminate Acne Naturally

how to get rid of acne naturally you can do with these simple steps . If you want to know how to get rid of acne naturally is you can read the section below , here is how:

How To Eliminate Acne with Aloe Vera
Cut a piece of aloe vera that has been discarded outer skin . Apply aloe vera liquid on a regular basis in the morning and afternoon . If you regularly then it will be easy to dry even acne can also clean the acne scars .

How To Eliminate Acne with Egg Whites
First separate the egg whites and beat until foamy subsequently apply on face and acne and let stand for about 15 minutes . With the egg white oils that cause acne will be absorbed and will eventually disappear .

How To Eliminate Acne With Garlic
Garlic does have many benefits , how to onions can be used to get rid of acne ? It's easy Puree 2 or 3 garlic and finely mashed or blended . Apply on face and acne skin and let stand about 10 minutes and wash with water . Perform routine approximately 2-3 weeks .

How To Eliminate Acne with Tomato
Tomato turns than can be useful to get rid of blackheads , tomatoes can also eliminate acne . It is very easy tomato and rub or paste on the face or location of acne and then let stand 15 minutes - 1 hour , doing about 1 month so your acne disappear . Many ways to eliminate acne but most important is the natural way .

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