Friday, February 8, 2013

My First Diary, I miss you Grace

Will you let anyone hurt you?
My first ask showed in my mind when looking someone start laughing at me. Do you ever being a joke at crowded place. When everybody see you like fool one and couldn't know what to do.
I've always happen this teared feel every moment of my life.

Why? Why did my life was so tearful?

I have love a girl along time ago. I hope see was love at me too.
But she in fact have no even a few piece of love at me. But the most strength feeling is I can't stop my love at her. Till now, I always remember the moment when she hold my hand so tight. It was just as long as 5 seconds. But It feels like I wanna grab her hand forever. hahaha, I'm serious!!! You may know a film entitled "3 Idiots", then you see that I'm like a boy Ranchoddas who still love the girl, even it was for 10 years ago. Wow, how pretty romant he did.

Do you know her name is, off course you don't! But I'll tell you, her name is Grace, Grace Lentari. Was a pretty name I've ever see. Yaaa, but surely it wasn't just a pretty name, she was beautiful too. A beautiful girl with a pretty name. Great!! Great for me.... yeahh

Do you know, her skin is white and her face is....Oohh (hmm I mean, I can't describe how inner beauty she has). But if anybody look at her, if he's man than he'll love her!

I don't know how a man she looks like to love with! But I think he mustn't me!
Off course, what I have? I don't have anything to be proud of. I haven't a car or bike, or even money to make a lunch with. I haven't anything which every man have out there.

But, if I back to my hometown, I will surely meet her. I'll going to her house.

Don't you know Grace, I'm so miss of you!!!

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